Research a Casino’s Track Record With Regard to Bonuses

Before you play, do your research to ensure that the online casino you choose is one that will treat you well and enable you to enjoy your gaming, free of concerns about the security of your money or the operations of your favorite casino. Unfortunately there are dishonest establishments online (as there are in any industry), and the nature of the internet makes it somewhat easier for the unscrupulous establishments to get away with scams for a time and fleece some players of their rightfully earned money before being shut down. Doing a little footwork before depositing your money can pay dividends such as peace of mind and financial security. Look for the physical address of the company, ensuring that they do provide a full address, and taking note of what country they’re based in. Be aware of the gaming regulations (or lack of them) of the country where a casino originates; Belize and Costa Rica, for example, are somewhat notorious for not having any player protections established for the online gaming industry. Check into the casino’s accreditations or licensing (and don’t take the casino’s own claim at face value, as rogue operations have been known to display pirated and falsified accreditation logos on their websites—a fact which can easily enough be checked with the organization who is claimed to have provided the license or certification).

Perhaps your best resource is the gaming community itself, where players and affiliate organizations also leverage the advantages of the internet to spread the word about casinos who are dealing underhandedly with their clientele. The word spreads fast, so the online forums and “blacklists” created and updated by those who are active in the world of online gaming are truly a great and up-to-date resource for any gamer looking to embark on a gaming adventure with an online casino. The responsiveness of the customer service department is also a good clue to what you can expect from a particular casino; if an establishment claims to offer twenty-four seven live service, but you can’t raise a response from their staff, that doesn’t bode well for your ability to resolve any potential difficulties with your bonus and withdrawal.

You Can Benefit from Both the Sticky and the Traditional Bonus. Whichever type of bonus a casino offers, a strategic player can put those bonuses to their own advantage. It’s no secret that the casino’s purpose in offering bonuses and enticing players to the online gaming tables is the idea that those players will end up forfeiting or losing the bonuses and potentially dropping significant amounts of their own money as well. That has always been the attraction and the challenge of gaming, though---a player strategizes to overcome the casinos’ expectation, and to be one of the players who comes out ahead. The bonus, whether traditional or sticky, actually gives you some tools with which to strategize and accomplish that goal. You’re essentially using the casino’s money to win money for yourself—an opportunity that’s not regularly offered at the old-style brick and mortar casinos—and if you take care to guard yourself against dishonest dealers, you can enjoy your gaming and take home some cash as well.